27 August 2010


Tomorrow afternoon I'll be road-tripping down to the South Coast of NSW for some r&r. I am seriously excited as this is long overdue!

A house on the beach is the perfect setting for reading, watching dvds, going for walks...and seeing as though it is still winter here -some BAKING!

Ah, the simple pleasures...they always make me quite excited..See you next week Sydney...
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25 August 2010


Sydney's winter is evidently making me delusional...not only have I been sick for 2 weeks but I have also neglected by blog which makes me pretty sad...AND I missed Eiffel Tower Tuesday's for a WHILE!...but thankfully as I am on the road to recovery, my blog will be too...Happy belated Eiffel Tower Tuesday...

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13 August 2010

sweet treats for the end of the week...

Just because it's the weekend....♥


10 August 2010

We Heart It ♥♥♥

We Sure DO!

I adore this fabulous site. I'm not sure how long it's been around for but I love it.

Similar to that of flickr, We Heart It is a photo & video imaging site that allows you to upload your own fav images or "heart" pics others have uploaded. It's just so cute but also completely addictive!! Myself, being such a visual creature absolutely can't get enough of this site so many lovely pics...here are just a few I have "hearted" recently.

Ashton, Vuitton & Chanel...je t'aime alright!

Do yourself a favour and join We♥It STAT!

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03 August 2010

Le Tour Eiffel Tuesdays...♥

Is it Tuesday already?...The last week has flown & I have evidently had no time to blog- even though I have come across about a zillion things I love that I could have posted about. Nevertheless- what do I love more than a lovely Eiffel image?...nothing really...and because I'm in an art mood...

Robert Delauney's Camps de Mars (The Red Tower) 1911/1923

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