17 July 2011

Sweet Sunday

"Breakfast is the most underrated meal of the day"...that's what my lovely husband said this morning with warm Turkish toast topped with scrambled eggs hovering near this lips. I couldn't agree with him more. With every cafe brimming with people & their children & or puppies I assume we are not the only ones...and aren't Sunday mornings the best time to sit back & have all the cooking done for you?

You would think so, but after enjoying my latte & corn fritters this morning, we sat back and watched my weeks worth of Oprah recordings, aren't the Obama's an inspiring pair?...& then felt the urge to bake- it happens regularly. Last week's Lemon Cake was divine (& just so easy) so this afternoon's choice was Flourless Chocolate Cake...still yet to be devoured.

Although what I am about to mention has been critiqued & slammed here & there I will gladly self confess my obsession with these two.

Katherine Kallinis & Sophie LaMontagne. The sugary sweet sister duo of 'DC Cupcakes'& owners of Georgetown Cupcake.

It is positively, visually tantalising. I love the gorgeous little decorated cupcakes & the candy pink cupcake boxes stacked to the ceiling. The store is to die for pretty & absolutely chic...

It all just really makes me want to grab my lolly pink cardi & a spatula!

Have a wonderful week xx


16 July 2011


I bought a nail polish in a colour that I loved, but not really a colour I would usually opt to paint my nails in!

I have a tendancy toward darks like Chanel Rouge Noir, OPI Siberian Nights, or bright reds, the occassional nude OPI Funny Bunny is a winner...& then there is the on going saga of 'the perfect pink' but that can wait for another post...

It's about Jo'mina today. Illamasqua's lilac polish that has me confused.

The colour is magnifique, no doubt about it..but on nails? It seems to be a winner though..a few random comments from stylish girls at work....must mean something right?

I paired it with a tangerine cashmere jumper & the nail colour popped!

So maybe, afterall,  Jo'mina will help me venture out of my conservative nail colour choices...xx

IMAGES: google.

08 July 2011

The Sublime Miss E...

I have blogged about her before...no doubt about it, I think she is divine.



And like a thousand other bloggers, have absolutely fallen in love with her recent Vogue shoot.

She is such a gorgeous creature...& I just love the little style icon little Hermione has blossomed into!

Have a lovely weekend mes amis xx

images: justjared

03 July 2011


It's been a really long time.

I REALLY HAVE missed blogging a whole heap.

But, that time REALLY has FLOWN.

Since my last post, I have gotten married, had a glorious time in
Thailand & Singapore (yes, honeymooning), moved into our little place,
unpacked a zillion items, received a few more zillion wedding gifts,
with more due to arrive, but also spent hours at work trying to catch
up on a pile of work larger than the 3 desks I already use!

So yes, life is just CRAZY. But it's absolute BLISS too!

Setting up a new home & life is fabulous! Lots of fun & a wonderful
way to express every ounce of creative juice I could possibly have.
Decorating is seriously exhilirating! Floor rugs & cushions have had
me searching in every shop & online store is existence! Slowly but
surely our home is coming together piece by piece!

And most exciting of all is that I finally found a rug that I love!