28 June 2010


I received an email this morning from Dior.

I'm subscribed to almost every beautiful website possible, Dior, Louboutin, Vuitton &tc &tc I like looking at beautiful things even when I can't afford them...it's very sadistic actually but anyway.

Victoire De Castellane is the creative genius behind Dior Joallerie. What she designs is physically fairytale worthy. She casts a whimsical & fantasy driven spell on everything she touches resulting in multicolour enamel and sparkling jewelled cocktail rings, earrings and the likes.

I personally adore her cocktail rings. They look like they belong in a magical forrest, a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean or amongst the stars & the moon... it makes me feel light headed just thinking about them!

Above are some of my favourites..they really are pieces of art..

So, this mornings email advertised her new collection Bois De Rose apart from the fact that I would more than happily oblige in wearing any of her creations- rose rings are definitely my thing. I have 3 of my own all quite chunky- one in silver, another in a fuchsia enamel which is great for summer that my lovely fiance bought me, and another more wintery rose ring covered in ruby coloured stones...heaven. Anyway, so when I had a look at this new collection I absolutely died and went to heaven.

Sparkling diamonds set in beautiful rose and white gold ...
.....delicate bands resembling thorns...so dainty and feminine.
The rose rings ALMOST rivals the obsession I had with the Oui collection of 2007. I love anything letter-ed, initialed, engraved or embossed, monogrammed you get the jist. And ANYTHING in French is right up my alley. I'm still dreaming about this ring 3 years later...

...and the bracelet....

...and who would say NO to these beautiful rings....not me...♥

17 June 2010

Le Pliage Obsessi♥n ...

Blatant confession. I have an obsession with Longchamp's Le Pliage. It must be the French influence and the apparent fact that all Parisian's hold them on a day to day basis...I want to be French that's really all it comes down too.

On a weekly basis I change my mind about what colour I'm going to buy next. A few months ago I was after the Orange, and then soon thereafter the Lavender, then there was the Beige phase and right about now I think I'd like one in pink. But not their new season Rosaly pink, but the really light beigey-pink they had a few months ago. I'm hoping it's in their classic colours range. I do love that they have a colour collection each season but I'm SO indecisive that by the time I choose one they are practically sold out!

This season's colours...Ocean, White, Rosaly..and Citrine ♥

The lovely Hawthorn le pliage...

An all time favourite...

The one that got away....a Fig le pliage..yum♥

And every now and again the limited addition le pliage's are a must! I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Jeremy Scott versions above but Tracey Emin did beautiful florals & an amazing stitched design (below) quite a few years ago that I'm really quite sad I missed out on!

Charles Anastase's Ballet Shoes...so sweet♥

BUT, my FAVOURITE of them all were the Limited Edition Tour Eiffel Le Pliage that they bought out in celebration of the tower's 120th year. I almost cried when they instantly sold out in Sydney...But thankfully, the keen ebayer that I am, scored myself one online...perfection.

Then again, you can forget all about these and customise your own!

You can pick any size, a shopper, travel bag size, a smaller everyday bag...

A handle size to compliment it's use....

And then the difficult step...the colour! With so many to choose from why stop at just one?! A cute option to choose a overall bag colour and then a middle stripe along with your personal choice of silver, pewter or gold hardware! Here are a few I experimented with...

It can't get more personalised than this can it?...Your initials or full name embossed or embroidered!

In the colour of your choosing...

...and then purchase...If only I had actually purchased one...they only post to the USA or within EU. What a shame!

And with Kate as the face of the brand how can you not want a few hundred? ...Perfection.

IMAGES: google, Longchamp.com, neimanmarcus.com.

Whimsical ..

It's just a magical photo dont you think? The green of the grass, the red skirt underlay.

...absolutely magical.


16 June 2010

Lots of Birthday Love...

It was my birthday over the long weekend. And it was lovely. I spent the whole weekend celebrating with friends and family. I had quite a tight knit schedule of events which included a lovely breakfast by the beach with family, a wonderful tapas dinner with my fiance, a lovely baked dinner at my best friends house on the Monday.

But its always the slightly out of the ordinary things that occur that make it even more special. Like waking up to the floor of my bedroom covered in balloons...my sister had spent a while blowing up balloons ever so quietly at 3am... the beautiful flowers I was greeted with at my family breakfast...the thoughtful polka dot note book and card my fiance gave me ...(I love polka dots & am continuously writing "To Do" lists to plan our wedding)

The weekend was also spent with my lovely mum flitting off to wedding appointments. The most exciting of all was starting my gift registry. The thought of pretty tea sets, dessert plates, blenders and aprons makes me so excited. There is TOO much to list!

I do know that pastel Limoges tea cups, saucers, sugar bowls & a tea pot will be first on my list....

....and then most definitely a Kitchen Aid...the only problem is which colour to choose!?! Almond Cream? Pistachio? Cherry Apple or Chrome?

So many wonderful decisions to make...♥

04 June 2010

To fetch a pail of shoes...

Tommy from Jak&Jil captures some of the most bold, creative and beautiful shoes. A few worth a mention:

Anna Dello Russo recently pulled out her YSL Cherry Glitter Platforms Circa 2003..they were spectacular then and are still fabulous now.

YSL Tribute

Charlotte Olympia..my new obsession.

Kirkwood for Rodarte.


An all time favourite....Givenchy Croc♥

Dior Goddess


Chloe Catlyn Boot.

Carine Roitfeld in Balenciaga...


03 June 2010


Thanks to my obsessive blog viewing, one of my favourite blogs Les Petits Plaisirs lists vivre.com as one of her inspirations. I had a look and I now know why. They have the most beautiful things. Especially jewellery. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Here are a few I'll be dreaming of in the coming years...

If only they were even close to being within my budget...one day♥

IMAGES: vivre.com