28 June 2010


I received an email this morning from Dior.

I'm subscribed to almost every beautiful website possible, Dior, Louboutin, Vuitton &tc &tc I like looking at beautiful things even when I can't afford them...it's very sadistic actually but anyway.

Victoire De Castellane is the creative genius behind Dior Joallerie. What she designs is physically fairytale worthy. She casts a whimsical & fantasy driven spell on everything she touches resulting in multicolour enamel and sparkling jewelled cocktail rings, earrings and the likes.

I personally adore her cocktail rings. They look like they belong in a magical forrest, a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean or amongst the stars & the moon... it makes me feel light headed just thinking about them!

Above are some of my favourites..they really are pieces of art..

So, this mornings email advertised her new collection Bois De Rose apart from the fact that I would more than happily oblige in wearing any of her creations- rose rings are definitely my thing. I have 3 of my own all quite chunky- one in silver, another in a fuchsia enamel which is great for summer that my lovely fiance bought me, and another more wintery rose ring covered in ruby coloured stones...heaven. Anyway, so when I had a look at this new collection I absolutely died and went to heaven.

Sparkling diamonds set in beautiful rose and white gold ...
.....delicate bands resembling thorns...so dainty and feminine.
The rose rings ALMOST rivals the obsession I had with the Oui collection of 2007. I love anything letter-ed, initialed, engraved or embossed, monogrammed you get the jist. And ANYTHING in French is right up my alley. I'm still dreaming about this ring 3 years later...

...and the bracelet....

...and who would say NO to these beautiful rings....not me...♥

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