16 June 2010

Lots of Birthday Love...

It was my birthday over the long weekend. And it was lovely. I spent the whole weekend celebrating with friends and family. I had quite a tight knit schedule of events which included a lovely breakfast by the beach with family, a wonderful tapas dinner with my fiance, a lovely baked dinner at my best friends house on the Monday.

But its always the slightly out of the ordinary things that occur that make it even more special. Like waking up to the floor of my bedroom covered in balloons...my sister had spent a while blowing up balloons ever so quietly at 3am... the beautiful flowers I was greeted with at my family breakfast...the thoughtful polka dot note book and card my fiance gave me ...(I love polka dots & am continuously writing "To Do" lists to plan our wedding)

The weekend was also spent with my lovely mum flitting off to wedding appointments. The most exciting of all was starting my gift registry. The thought of pretty tea sets, dessert plates, blenders and aprons makes me so excited. There is TOO much to list!

I do know that pastel Limoges tea cups, saucers, sugar bowls & a tea pot will be first on my list....

....and then most definitely a Kitchen Aid...the only problem is which colour to choose!?! Almond Cream? Pistachio? Cherry Apple or Chrome?

So many wonderful decisions to make...♥

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