27 July 2010

Le Tour Eiffel Tuesdays...♥

There is nothing that puts a smile on my face more than a beautiful pic of the Eiffel Tower...therefore I have decided that Tuesday's will be Eiffel Tower days...a different picture every week...unless I get over excited & find the desperate need to post one on another day other than Tuesday...we'll see.


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26 July 2010

Winter Reading...

I obsess over many things- books are one of them.

I love reading.

It's definitely something I could do all day- every day.

I can't say I have a particular genre preference as I will give anything a chance but even when I find a book tedious or boring in parts I really attempt to soldier on and finish it..I really can't leave a book unfinished.

I think this is half the reason why I have had Tolstoy's Anna Karenina sitting on my bookshelf since my mum bought it for me 3 years ago. I go through phases where I feel like reading Austen or a thriller or there are even times when I just pick something off my mum's bookshelf. Unfortunately I haven't craved Russian literature in the last few years...I will hopefully swallow my fear and commit to this epic read one day.

I have always thought of purchasing a beautiful armchair to stick in a nook in my room - a reading chair more specifically but haven't really gotten around to it. While googling a few random topics yesterday, I came across some amazing homes with even more amazing bookshelves and reading nooks...I am officially obsessed.

I need to create one.

I'm a little hesitant as I'll be moving out of home in 10months-but I have the most perfect space! My bedroom has a lovely bay window which is just the right size for a lovely day bed or something of the sort. It's a thought I'm seriously considering. After all my mum did actually mentioned that she would be turning my bedroom into a library once I'm gone...so really it's beneficial for everyone isn't it!

I the way these fellow book-lovers create beautiful show cases out of their bookshelves ... they give the homes even more personality & such vibrancy!

These would make such lovely country homes...

...& now back to my book...it's brilliant already & only 49 pages in...no wonder 2.5million have been sold...I'm a sucker for best sellers! ...Happy Reading..♥

23 July 2010

Yummy macarons..

It's hard to come by macarons in Sydney.

Trust me- I have looked.

On my way to buy some sushi for lunch yesterday I passed by the Croquembouche Patisserie that- from memory- on the very odd occassion have some in store.

A jar with only 6 remaining chocolate and hazelnut macarons caught my eye. I had to get there before anyone else saw them!!

And...success...I bought 2..one of each.

They were HEAVEN!

They definitely look far from what my homemade macs looked like a few months ago...

I am hoping that next time they may look something like Laduree's...or Pierre Hermes...

You can always depend on the French to create something that is not only the most delicious thing to eat but also candy to the eyes....yum ♥

IMAGES: littledollface.uk, google images, my pics.

22 July 2010

Stationery that makes me stationary...

Something comes over me that makes me want to buy a pile of leather note books...I have a passion for Moleskins in particular-they are so handy coming in an array of sizes and sorts. I love that legendary figures such as Hemingway & van Gogh have jotted great ideas or sketched wonderful images in their pages- it makes them so much more illusive.

Smythson leather products are always divine but unfortunately unattainable on this side of the world. So I only ever get my hit by viewing there online site and wishing I could purchase them...nevermind. They have such a luxe air about them dont they?...

Smythson...open store in Sydney wont you?

14 July 2010

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet

It's Bastille Day and there is no denying that I have an irrevocable love for all things French.
For me, France is a visual euphoria. And there is no better day than the 14th July to display some of the things I love about Paris and France the most.
I can never get enough of the Eiffel Tower, I love photographs with a hint of the tower in the background, or a sparkling shot of it all lit up...I love french fashion houses like Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Balmain, Vuitton, & always Chanel.
The beautiful facades of hotels, cafes, bistros and boutique shops.
I love Carine Roitfeld and the man who created the stiletto Roger Vivier, Rene Caovilla's whimsical shoes & Laduree's sugary macarons in a multitude of sinful shades.
I love that chic men in business suits ride bicycles through the busy Parisian streets and that a wonderful shade of blue tints the sky of Paris at dusk.

Celebrating France one day a year is simply not enough....
IMAGES: google search, flikr.

12 July 2010

Home Sweet Home♥

I dream of having a home that looks both stylish and lived in. As much as I am an advocate for modernity and all that it entails. I don't think a minimalist or too modern a home is appealing. I feel uncomfortable in homes that have sharp edges and museum like surroundings. As much as I love and appreciate the look of a Le Corbusier chair...they just don't look comfortable. Don't get me wrong -I LOVE THEM, THEY ARE SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL- I would buy one and happily have it in a prime position of my living room BUT- I would considering it art & NOT furniture that you 'use'...would you sit on a Picasso?

I want people to walk into my home and feel every weight on their shoulders lift as they sit on my couch... fluffy cushions and a plush lounge...

I love homes that reflect an individuals style, characteristics, hobbies, passions etc...a personalised home.

I love seeing art on the walls, books on floor to ceiling shelves, a vase of significance or some antiques or souvenirs bought through travel...

What's interesting about a home that could belong to anyone?...it's all in the details as far as I'm concerned!

I have come across the most beautiful homes online...I love the warmth, comfort and luxury that they all exude. As highly styled as they may be they still look comfortable and lived in...

Such a striking colour palate...but don't tell me that those dining chairs and lounge doesn't look like you could sink in it! I love that it's so bold and yet so warm...

The purple elements...

The fluffy couch, zebra stool, black and white photos, coffee table books a sparkling chandelier...this has to be one of my favourite shots of a living room...heavenly...

A lovely spacious open plan home opening on to a sunny courtyard...perfection for summer BBQ's... the real estate agent in me is being completely exposed ...but seriously......I would hope to have a home like these to call my own one day...one day...♥
IMAGES: desiretoinspire.com, les petits plaisirs.

06 July 2010

POWER COUPLE Part 1: Garance Dore ♥

Garance Dore is the epitome of a chic street style blogger. Her work is fabulous. She is fabulous. And more often than not her subjects too- are fabulous. She is fashion photographer, stylist, illustrator and more commonly a blogger. Updating her blog daily with fresh faced and chic individuals and items that cross her path while roaming the globe. Her quirky translations make for ever better reading with posts filled with funny and sweet anecdotes of her day to day inspirations in fashion and life.

I check what Garance is up to on a daily basis, I really look forward to seeing where she is-Paris, Rio, the US or Japan. I am always floored by her flawless & sharp photography & the strange feeling that I get that I could almost be standing right next to the subject. It really is odd. You feel the warmth of the sun in her images and the chill of the snow. She transports you into the glitz of Parisian fashion shows, onto a beach in Brazil and into the wardrobes of strangers around the world. Snapping & illustrating wonderful images of fabulous people in fabulous clothes.

Needless to say, she is always rubbing backs with her fashionable friends, magazine editors, designers & stylists (Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia) and is always in the right places (Paris Fashion Week) .

But it is the unfamiliar faces that grab my attention. The girl with the striking black hair and wonderful shoes or the lady with an stunning coat or suit. It's always the small stuff really...

One of my favourite posts was a frenchman she met in NY who caught her attention due to her love of denim shirts. He would soon lift he's pocket to reveal a red heart he's wife had embroidered. The little things...♥

And today she posted this simply beautiful girl in what looks like Missoni knit wear..heavenly....
...and so many more....

How beautiful is Chanel...such a cute winter cardigan...and the pearls...dont talk to me about Chanel pearls..they are my biggest lust after item...ONE DAY...one day...

....and to age this gracefully makes me speechless...what a beautiful woman....this has to be one of my all time favourite photos...ever...

Now this is what I mean about warmth...

& to think that Scott Schuman better known as The Sartorialist is her boyfriend...forget Brad and Angelina, and WHO exactly are the Beckham's? ...More on the other half of the power couple ...