18 December 2011

Wish List...

Some new and a few classics for every girl's wish list...

1. Miss Dior Cherie
2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Rayuer
3. Diptyque Figuier
4. Nars lipstick
5. Essie Bahama Mama
6. Peeptoe Shoes Antique Gold bracelet
7. Christian Louboutin spike heels
8. Manolo Blahnik heels
9. Seven Deadly Sin dessert plates
10. Hermes Medor watch
11. Kate Spade iPhone 4 case
11. Kate Spade 'putting on the ritz' idiom bangle

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Sweets

Like most, I extremely silly for the festive season.

And with Christmas a short week away, I have decided to throw myself into the spirit.

With my kitchen now fully stocked, I couldn't think of anything better than spending the weekend baking and making cute sweets for Christmas.

Thanks to Cupcakes & Cashmere blog, I decided to bake some cute little snowflake gingerbread cookies. My first time piping with royal icing was a little daunting! I cant say I am completely thrilled with the end product, they could be a little neater. But, thanks so some sparkling, edible glitter they turned out looking a little pretty!

Now all that is left is packaging them in cookie jars, a little celophane and a glittering ribbon.


IMAGES: my iPhone.

08 December 2011

Chic Christmas Prep

Who does ANYTHING better than Kate Spade?

24 November 2011

My LOVE for Manolo Blahnik Continues...





06 November 2011

So chic...

So amazingly chic...



23 October 2011

Cushion Chaos

Finding the right cushions has been trickier than expected. I have decided they are definietly something that I will change seasonally. I decided from the start of this long decorative journey, that, the floor rug and cushions along with other accessories, would be the colourful and changeable elements in our home. Having said this, these have also been even more difficult than the anchor pieces like our coffee table or dining table and chairs! Who would have thought...

I have accumulated a handful or cushions both summer and winter options. My summers include a turquiose, grey and black zig zag white based cushion, while it's friend has a nice geometric print in navy.

I am thinking one last blue based cushion will tie in nicely.

Thanks to Matchbook Magazine..once again, I have been introduced to Trina Turk's lovely homewares and come across the perfect cushion.

Have a lovely week..


09 October 2011

The Incredible Mr Saab...

Elie Saab Spring 2012

Elie Saab is & always has been a constant for me. His show is one, every fashion season, I look forward to seeing. It's all about luxury, glitz & glam. The fabrics are amazingly embellished & the cuts are always very on trench. But overall, they have a classisism. Gowns designed 10 years are havent dated nor will they in 20 more years time. He is a true connoiseur to a womans figure. So, whats not to love, right?



Sweet Sorbet Palette...

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012.

So many gorgeous looks. I am so excited about the frothy, sorbet like soft tones. I am so obsessed with all tones of YELLOW & ORANGE. Lemons, butter, canary, mandarin & coral. I am just so drawn to it at the moment. I find myself picking up random items in these colours ..just because. So when I saw Marc Jacobs Vuitton run way it easily consolidated it. I love how delicate the fabics are. A sheer blouse is always so sexy & incorporating it with soft flowers or fabrics makes it so innocent. Love the juxtaposition of it. And not to mention the silky flowers especially in the last few dresses. I love a good applique!