23 October 2011

Cushion Chaos

Finding the right cushions has been trickier than expected. I have decided they are definietly something that I will change seasonally. I decided from the start of this long decorative journey, that, the floor rug and cushions along with other accessories, would be the colourful and changeable elements in our home. Having said this, these have also been even more difficult than the anchor pieces like our coffee table or dining table and chairs! Who would have thought...

I have accumulated a handful or cushions both summer and winter options. My summers include a turquiose, grey and black zig zag white based cushion, while it's friend has a nice geometric print in navy.

I am thinking one last blue based cushion will tie in nicely.

Thanks to Matchbook Magazine..once again, I have been introduced to Trina Turk's lovely homewares and come across the perfect cushion.

Have a lovely week..


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