06 July 2010

POWER COUPLE Part 2: Scott Schuman- The Sartorialist

I cant express my love for what Scott Schuman "The Sartorialist" does quite enough.

It may even be part love/part envy but nevertheless completely, 100%, every day of the year inspiring.

I have an undying love for style & photography especially the kind that not only combines both but gives you a sense of real life. Chic women walking to work, business men in crisp shirts and sharp suits. But, it's the fact that these 'real' people have something special- and it's that, that grabs Scott Schuman's (SS) attention in the first place.

I love an attention to detail in all measures of life and most definitely in fashion. But SS has a talent for picking it up in unassuming ways like the textures of different fabrics someone may wear in the same shade of grey. The combination, composition, the length of a shirt sleeve in relation to a suit jacket, a safety pin being used as a tie clip. SS has a keen eye for detail.

Of course he has an immense following and an array of elite fashion friends just like he's girlfriend does- yet so many of he's subjects are people he has come across walking down the streets of fashion friendly cities. People whose style has caught he's attention, people who express themselves, devote themselves and enjoy themselves through fashion.

I love that he sometimes plans to meet and photograph people who have caught he's attention years before like a gentlemen in Milan (the lovely bearded man on the bicycle below) or like this fantastic representation directly below of a man whose style has so dramatically changed you would hardly recognise him. This is what I love about fashion & it's frivolity & flexibility.... and especially the way in which SS documents it on a day to day basis. Some of my favourites below....♥

Two years later....

Someone worth recapturing again and again...

..And how could he not photograph someone as stylish as he's girlfriend Garance above...♥

IMAGES: thesartorialist.blogspot.com

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