26 July 2010

Winter Reading...

I obsess over many things- books are one of them.

I love reading.

It's definitely something I could do all day- every day.

I can't say I have a particular genre preference as I will give anything a chance but even when I find a book tedious or boring in parts I really attempt to soldier on and finish it..I really can't leave a book unfinished.

I think this is half the reason why I have had Tolstoy's Anna Karenina sitting on my bookshelf since my mum bought it for me 3 years ago. I go through phases where I feel like reading Austen or a thriller or there are even times when I just pick something off my mum's bookshelf. Unfortunately I haven't craved Russian literature in the last few years...I will hopefully swallow my fear and commit to this epic read one day.

I have always thought of purchasing a beautiful armchair to stick in a nook in my room - a reading chair more specifically but haven't really gotten around to it. While googling a few random topics yesterday, I came across some amazing homes with even more amazing bookshelves and reading nooks...I am officially obsessed.

I need to create one.

I'm a little hesitant as I'll be moving out of home in 10months-but I have the most perfect space! My bedroom has a lovely bay window which is just the right size for a lovely day bed or something of the sort. It's a thought I'm seriously considering. After all my mum did actually mentioned that she would be turning my bedroom into a library once I'm gone...so really it's beneficial for everyone isn't it!

I the way these fellow book-lovers create beautiful show cases out of their bookshelves ... they give the homes even more personality & such vibrancy!

These would make such lovely country homes...

...& now back to my book...it's brilliant already & only 49 pages in...no wonder 2.5million have been sold...I'm a sucker for best sellers! ...Happy Reading..♥

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