16 July 2011


I bought a nail polish in a colour that I loved, but not really a colour I would usually opt to paint my nails in!

I have a tendancy toward darks like Chanel Rouge Noir, OPI Siberian Nights, or bright reds, the occassional nude OPI Funny Bunny is a winner...& then there is the on going saga of 'the perfect pink' but that can wait for another post...

It's about Jo'mina today. Illamasqua's lilac polish that has me confused.

The colour is magnifique, no doubt about it..but on nails? It seems to be a winner though..a few random comments from stylish girls at work....must mean something right?

I paired it with a tangerine cashmere jumper & the nail colour popped!

So maybe, afterall,  Jo'mina will help me venture out of my conservative nail colour choices...xx

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