17 July 2011

Sweet Sunday

"Breakfast is the most underrated meal of the day"...that's what my lovely husband said this morning with warm Turkish toast topped with scrambled eggs hovering near this lips. I couldn't agree with him more. With every cafe brimming with people & their children & or puppies I assume we are not the only ones...and aren't Sunday mornings the best time to sit back & have all the cooking done for you?

You would think so, but after enjoying my latte & corn fritters this morning, we sat back and watched my weeks worth of Oprah recordings, aren't the Obama's an inspiring pair?...& then felt the urge to bake- it happens regularly. Last week's Lemon Cake was divine (& just so easy) so this afternoon's choice was Flourless Chocolate Cake...still yet to be devoured.

Although what I am about to mention has been critiqued & slammed here & there I will gladly self confess my obsession with these two.

Katherine Kallinis & Sophie LaMontagne. The sugary sweet sister duo of 'DC Cupcakes'& owners of Georgetown Cupcake.

It is positively, visually tantalising. I love the gorgeous little decorated cupcakes & the candy pink cupcake boxes stacked to the ceiling. The store is to die for pretty & absolutely chic...

It all just really makes me want to grab my lolly pink cardi & a spatula!

Have a wonderful week xx


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