14 February 2012


There is no doubt that the Grammy's had a sad cloud washed over them with the loss of WH.

It really is just a tragic loss. I am one of those people who always lives in absolute hope & always wished Whitney would rehabilitise & come back with even more than she has even given in the past. She was an extrodinary talent that wasted away slowly & it really is devastating to see. But having also said this, the talent which we all saw was extrodinary & I loved to see it celebrated & mourned by Hollywood.

And where there is Hollywood, there is also, MAJOR fashion.

Here are my nominees for best dress....

Who was your best dressed?

 How I will always remember her...RIP WH. xx



1 comment:

Lauren said...

LOVE Rihanna and Adele! I really like Katie Perry's dress but her hair ruins the whole look for me. I thought Gwyneth and Carrie Underwood both looked amazing too.