07 April 2011

What's wrong in Oz....

There are no decent floor rugs in Australia...well, there are ..but they are sadly unattainable for numerous reasons!
I have searched high and low and am always drawn to the rugs that are around $10,000! Not exactly in a price range of a soon to be married couple.

I have fallen in love with Jonathan Adler's Moroccan tile inspired masterpieces, Anthropologie rugs that can't be delivered to Oz & a million more designer rugs! 

Here are the ones that would really MAKE my living room!

And finally...an actually option! Pretty pattern + a hint of colour + a perfect accompaniment beneath my coffee table!

Happy decorating mes amis <3 V.  

1 comment:

Paris Pastry said...

Finding the perfect rug can be tricky! It took me a long time to find one. These patterns are so lovely :)