11 October 2010

For the love of Sonia...

I love Sonia Rykiel's whimsical yet chic sensibility.
The french-ness is palpable. Stripes(usually in the renown Rykiel multicolour), berets, knits, chic sweater dresses & cardigans. Pretty bows, studs & chunky rhinestones. A fashion oxymoron really-pretty yet somewhat edgy. Pretty black & baby pink striped sweaters with a soft black leather bag ridden with silver studs.

A family owned and run fashion house. Sonia & her daughter Nathalie are just what French fashion is all about. I love that Sonia was the first to have smiling models on her runways... just girls that look like they are having a great time.

Alongside the cheerful atmosphere the Rykiel women create for their show the collections also do the very same. They are colourful, feminine, witty & fun ♥ Its all about french frivolity. How can you not want to be a Rykiel girl?


My obsession started when I purchased the above bag maybe 3 or so years ago ...of course it was on sale...& strangely I chose it in white. I would never buy a white bag usually, but somehow it really worked. I love it still...

And just a week ago Nathalie Rykiel did it again in the SR Spring 2011 collection. I really can't get enough of waisted bows. So pretty. And this particular colour ensemble is lovely.

Who cares about horizontal stripes being unflattering Rykiel makes you forget all about your waistline when they look this good...

...I did love Carrie as much as every second girl in the world did but it wasn't the fact that she wore this on the 2nd last episode when she arrives in Paris but the pure fact that Patricia Field chose her to wear Rykiel- not Dior, Lanvin or Balmain- but Rykiel in her first Paris scene.
Now,  if Rykiel isn't the epitomy of French style I don't know what is!

This dress has to be one of my all time favourite Rykiel pieces ever made.
It is so gorgeous, the colour, the sequin embellishment the over sized bow! Such prettiness!!

Where would the fashion world (or myself) be without the house of Rykiel?? ...did I mention the Sonia Rykiel blog posted the recipe to Sonia's favourite chocolate mousse...maybe another Sonia dedicated post is in order...


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