06 October 2010

Mad Hatter...

I have a new found obsession with finding the perfect Summer hat.

A panama or a trilby - either one & I would be delighted!  

The only problem is, is that finding one that fits perfectly is quite a task...hats don't suit everyone...& I'm wondering whether I'm one of those people...fingers crossed I'm not.

...Because I would really love the look like the following fabulous women in their hats...(actually, I would really love to look like the following fabulous women whether they look good in their hats or not) ANYWAY....straw trilby or panama just spell S-U-M-M-E-R....Summer so close you can smell it in the air...

 I Diane's the best...& look she is just SURROUNDED by hat wearers!

IMAGES: weheartit.com, garancedore.com 

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