06 September 2011

being naughty while waiting for the sun...

It's always only a few days into Semptember when the weather in Sydney turns from dove grey skies to a glorious blue. The breeze lacks that bitter chill & instead has a sense of warmth to it. It's usually when I really get really excited about the seasons to come & of course what summery goodies I can purchase.

Over the last few weeks I have been extremely naughty. I FINALLY splurged on 2 luxury items I have been eyeing for months. An amazing Diane von Furstenberg Lytton Clutch & some sweet Emilio Pucci jelly peep-toe flats. My gorgeous husband secretly tracked down some Missoni Havaianas I had pining over (here). Plus a gorgeous muted gold cuff & stone necklace make for some great summer accessories!

Sunday BBQ's & mojito's only weeks away!



1 comment:

Paris Pastry said...

I ALMOST bought the same DvF clutch but with a satin leopard print. It's so cute! Missoni & Havaianas teaming up? Brilliant!