18 August 2011

Matchbook Magazine

There are very few magazines that encapsulate fashion, photography, lifestyle, art & culture in a way that gets me really excited.

Vogue is beautiful for lust over couture & fashion I can only dream about. The same goes for Harpers Bazaar. As much as I love the images & adverts, the items overall, for a monthly mag, only make me depressed. So many unattainable items ...I dont want to be reminded EVERY single month of what I want but cant have.

Nevertheless, MATCHBOOK MAGAZINE is a FANTASTIC online magazine that I only discovered this week. I am absolutely hooked! I have flicked through every magazine since its inception in January  of this year. I cant wait to sit with a hot cup of coffee & read a few more articles.

It's clever & visually divine. Smart articles alongside fashion finds, lifestyle buys & inspiration.

Do yourself a favour...trust me.


1 comment:

Katie Armour said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about our little publication!!! They mean so much to us!

xx Katie