14 May 2010

Day 1...

I really love blogs, so much so that my 'favourites bar' consists mostly of blogspots (which spatially takes up a little more than half my screen).

The majority are about fashion and food, elements of Paris, baking, lots of photography. I really love clean, flawless photography (& wish I could take photographs as good as some of these). Lifestyle blogs: I love seeing a beautifully presented home, an amazing lounge or lamp, a dining table set immaculately or a recipe that makes me want to run to the closest supermaket.

I hesitated for a long time about creating my own as (& as stupid as it sounds) I couldnt think of an appropriate blog name (that as well as the fear that no one will read it, or someone that actually does considers it stupid). Anyway, I considered many french words- they always sound so opulent and chic- but then I thought a more classic title would allow me to pretty much blog about everything and anything that I love.

From Victoria With Love is simple and covers all bases.

I'm not sure what I'll blog about as yet but it's sure to consist of fashion and food and all the things that I love.

And as you can tell I love a lot...♥


Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

I look forward to many entertaining blogs on my favourite subjects