31 May 2010


Can you imagine my shame when I took these out of the oven?! HA!
I loved the whole idea of a macaron so much that I completely ignored the fact that every baking blog, macaron aficionado/connoisseur and francophile have basically screamed warnings of how difficult they are to bake.
This batch had me depleted and defeated.
That was just a mere two months ago and my first attempt. But I'm more than ready to jump back on to the saddle and give it a go. I have analysed and concluded where and which way I went wrong and instead of reading 7 recipes I have read 47 recipes filled with tricks.
I will not be shamed again....and hope these ganache filled delights are camera worthy for a different reason.
Let's hope they look a little like the following from some of my favourite blogs. Yum..♥

IMAGES: parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com, notsohumblepie.com, gigabiting.com.

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