25 May 2010

Make or Break...

I love accessories. In my opinion they either make or break an outfit.

The mere fact that you can wear a white t-shirt and some jeans then slip on a pair of Louboutins and still look more than a million dollars- that's got to say something.

I love accessories that scream with a statement. Something heavily encrusted, covered in gold studs, frilled and ruffled, dangling with beads, knotted and bowed. You name it -I love it.

I don't mind if no-one comments on my dress as long as they do my shoes.
I love that designers are going gaga creating extraordinary accessories for people like me. For me, yesterday was all about Givenchy.

Givenchy Givenchy Givenchy...studs and tassels and jewels =heaven!

Stunning crystal cuffs...

Just mesmerising!

If I had a pair I would never take these off in winter...♥

The studs make the plain leather version seem so drab!

And last but definitely not least (if not my favourite) Christine Centenera (fashion editor) wearing Givenchy zip-up studded shoes.....AMAZING!
Givenchy today, maybe Louboutin tomorrow? ♥

IMAGES: givenchy.com & stockholmstreetstyle.

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