19 May 2010

Two Loves...

I was once told that I was a very 'visual' person. They were spot on.

My mother has always said so too...Apparently from young I was always drawn towards something pretty, I would notice well dressed people, nice shoes or an attractive outfit. I would subconsciously remember an event or person by what they wore. It was never done in a superficial manner but purely because I was inspired by it.

I'm still very much like that. I sometimes find myself studying the advertisements in Vogue rather than reading any article or feature in the rest of the magazine. Or the way something is packaged or presented .....this brings me to Laduree.

Laduree Bonaparte

Laduree Harrods

Everything about Laduree is beautiful from it's rich interiors to its delicate cakes & pastries, the famous macarons in a multitude of flavours, but most importantly its beautiful boxes and packaging.

Laduree Harrods

Yesterday I came across packaging that combined two loves- fashion & macarons. Known as 'Les Signatures' .... I'm in love. French fashion houses & Macaroons. Louboutin and Rykiel ...love love love.

Can it get any better than Louboutin & Rykiel?

...I dont think so. ♥

Images: Laduree.fr

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