05 November 2010


Ok so, I have just gone crazy mentally adding everything to my Anthropologie online shopping bag. I am greeeen with envy that we don't have a store in Australia.

It's just a little difficult buying coats & dresses without trying them on don't you think?

But that doesn't mean I can't go nuts on shoes & accessories!

Here is everything I would buy if I could...(Oh to dream)....




...and to think, that I haven't even ventured into the homewares section...

IMAGES: anthropologie.com

1 comment:

Pretty Little World said...

1. I love everything here!!
2. As soon as I saw that crystal + green necklace, I hurried to Anthropologie's site.
3. Boo - it's $430 :(

... and so begins another day of my love/hate relationship with Anthropologie, as I want pretty much everything, but sadly cannot have it :)