11 November 2010


I thought I had died & gone to heaven.

I watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

I know, I'm a little slow off the mark.

I have wanted to see it for what feels like forever...

From the get go I was in my version of eye candy utopia.

I know it has received extremely mixed reviews mainly due to historical inaccuracies & so forth, or Kirsten Dunst's accent or the fact their are Converse shoes in the background.....etc etc etc.

As a history buff, I understand these reactions but you can't possibly deny Coppola credit (fact & fictions aside) where it is deserved.

It is visually divine.

It really can't get any better for me.

Elaborate costume design in sugary pastel shades, wonderful shoes made by my absolute favourite Manolo Blahnik, plus dainty macarons & all desserts created by Laduree...like I previously said, it really can't get any better can it?

..Whoops....France & Versailles- yes, there we go.

I just realised that I don't think I have ever posted about my love, obsession, absolute passion for Manolo Blahnik. And no, it's not one of those I want to wear Manolo's like Carrie kind of obsessions. Although I completely understand how she made the world fall further in love with his shoes she just makes everything she wears look fabulous.

But, my love is one that borders on crazy person, sweaty palms, heart palpitations kind of obsessive/stalker-ish love. It's not surprising to those who know me, I've loved shoes since birth. I even had big ambitions into making it a career (and still kind of do), for years I sketched profusely, studied Footwear Production/Custom Made & worked alongside a wonderful shoe maker in Sydney's Paddington.  My life has taken me down a completely different path but I'll always have the intention of opening up shop with my own designs.  

But until then, I can pine over Manolo's.

What's not to love about a movie filled that's filled with
sweet macaron shades?


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Pretty Little World said...

I love this movie - historical inaccuracies included! Sophia Coppola always manages to make these movies that are both lovely and sad - I thought it was wonderful!

I also hope that you get your own shop someday - definitely don't give up on that!