31 May 2010


Can you imagine my shame when I took these out of the oven?! HA!
I loved the whole idea of a macaron so much that I completely ignored the fact that every baking blog, macaron aficionado/connoisseur and francophile have basically screamed warnings of how difficult they are to bake.
This batch had me depleted and defeated.
That was just a mere two months ago and my first attempt. But I'm more than ready to jump back on to the saddle and give it a go. I have analysed and concluded where and which way I went wrong and instead of reading 7 recipes I have read 47 recipes filled with tricks.
I will not be shamed again....and hope these ganache filled delights are camera worthy for a different reason.
Let's hope they look a little like the following from some of my favourite blogs. Yum..♥

IMAGES: parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com, notsohumblepie.com, gigabiting.com.

27 May 2010



How can one man design shoes that can be both provocative & ladylike at the same time? Plan & simple: he's a creative genius who was influenced by Parisian showgirls. Enough said really. His shoes are theatrical & Parisian. They SCREAM with edge and sex appeal and yet can be so pretty, dainty and the absolute epitome of a luxury shoe. They are designed with such extremities. Patent leathers, a multitude of studs, french laces, frills and tassels. They definitely make a statement. No wonder celebs are nuts about them. But, so am I.

Ever since I saw Carrie wearing the infamous pink frill Louboutins in SATC I fell head over heels in love. I remember googling SATC+PINK FRILL+RED SOLE. I had to remind myself that Manolo Blahnik would always be my first love but I more was than willing to cheat. It wasn't until a few years later that Americans then Australians caught onto the hype and finally started stocking the exotic shoes turning Louboutin into quite the epidemic.

The Pigalle was the first Louboutin shoe I gazed at for prolonged monthly intervals at a Sydney department store. They had a sky high 120mm heel, leopard print patent leather. Heaven. David Jones Sydney department store had just brought them in and I was so in love but also very broke and a student. There was no chance they would be going home with me.

I also fell in love with the graffiti version...♥

Since then, I have fed my fetish just a little and bought 2 pairs...(although it's sure to increase in the following months).

Love since my sister and I saw them in a Rhianna film clip! ♥

and the gorgeous studded...♥...and just so many more favourites...here are but a few.

Madame Butterfly Bootie...♥

Such a beautifully practical shoe...they would match anything!

I was amused by the "Let Me Tell You" booties at first and wasn't sure what I thought about them...but now its love...

Flat over the knee boots + studs = flawless

Louboutin makes the most lovely Classics range...simple but stylish and they look like heaven on.

How can I not LOVE he's flats?!

And then Louboutin commissioned some CRAZY shoes for the Rodarte show.


I have just realised how desperately I need a Louboutin hit...ow dear.
IMAGES: stylefizz.com, christianlouboutin.com, net-a-porter.com, thesartorialist.blogspot.com, choostyle.com, brownsfashion.com, jakandjil.com, shoewawa.com, handbag.com.

25 May 2010

Make or Break...

I love accessories. In my opinion they either make or break an outfit.

The mere fact that you can wear a white t-shirt and some jeans then slip on a pair of Louboutins and still look more than a million dollars- that's got to say something.

I love accessories that scream with a statement. Something heavily encrusted, covered in gold studs, frilled and ruffled, dangling with beads, knotted and bowed. You name it -I love it.

I don't mind if no-one comments on my dress as long as they do my shoes.
I love that designers are going gaga creating extraordinary accessories for people like me. For me, yesterday was all about Givenchy.

Givenchy Givenchy Givenchy...studs and tassels and jewels =heaven!

Stunning crystal cuffs...

Just mesmerising!

If I had a pair I would never take these off in winter...♥

The studs make the plain leather version seem so drab!

And last but definitely not least (if not my favourite) Christine Centenera (fashion editor) wearing Givenchy zip-up studded shoes.....AMAZING!
Givenchy today, maybe Louboutin tomorrow? ♥

IMAGES: givenchy.com & stockholmstreetstyle.

19 May 2010

Two Loves...

I was once told that I was a very 'visual' person. They were spot on.

My mother has always said so too...Apparently from young I was always drawn towards something pretty, I would notice well dressed people, nice shoes or an attractive outfit. I would subconsciously remember an event or person by what they wore. It was never done in a superficial manner but purely because I was inspired by it.

I'm still very much like that. I sometimes find myself studying the advertisements in Vogue rather than reading any article or feature in the rest of the magazine. Or the way something is packaged or presented .....this brings me to Laduree.

Laduree Bonaparte

Laduree Harrods

Everything about Laduree is beautiful from it's rich interiors to its delicate cakes & pastries, the famous macarons in a multitude of flavours, but most importantly its beautiful boxes and packaging.

Laduree Harrods

Yesterday I came across packaging that combined two loves- fashion & macarons. Known as 'Les Signatures' .... I'm in love. French fashion houses & Macaroons. Louboutin and Rykiel ...love love love.

Can it get any better than Louboutin & Rykiel?

...I dont think so. ♥

Images: Laduree.fr

17 May 2010


I'm completely besotted with blogger Sweet Paul's new online magazine.

Great photography, tips & recipes.

How am I ever going to wait until August 15th!!!

14 May 2010

Day 1...

I really love blogs, so much so that my 'favourites bar' consists mostly of blogspots (which spatially takes up a little more than half my screen).

The majority are about fashion and food, elements of Paris, baking, lots of photography. I really love clean, flawless photography (& wish I could take photographs as good as some of these). Lifestyle blogs: I love seeing a beautifully presented home, an amazing lounge or lamp, a dining table set immaculately or a recipe that makes me want to run to the closest supermaket.

I hesitated for a long time about creating my own as (& as stupid as it sounds) I couldnt think of an appropriate blog name (that as well as the fear that no one will read it, or someone that actually does considers it stupid). Anyway, I considered many french words- they always sound so opulent and chic- but then I thought a more classic title would allow me to pretty much blog about everything and anything that I love.

From Victoria With Love is simple and covers all bases.

I'm not sure what I'll blog about as yet but it's sure to consist of fashion and food and all the things that I love.

And as you can tell I love a lot...♥