26 January 2012

Dessert Party..

Its a little early in the year to be thinking about a joint birthday party with my hubby as we are June & July babies, but I am just so excited to have decided to have a dessert only party. 

I am a real chocoholic, and my husband is a candy feign. So really, its ridiculous that we haven't had one before. 

A few years ago, on twitter, I discovered Amy Atlas, the amazing event planner that creates the most incredible dessert tables. So decorative inspiration won't be difficult..but how to chose a reasonable size menu, culling the endless list of treats I have come up with is going to be the real task! 

I will be sure to keep you posted on all my sugary plans, 


1 comment:

Drew Watts said...

Such a lovely post. Your desert party is just fantastic. Arranged a birthday party for my cousin at one of LA venues. At party, I had her favorite strawberry cake along with some desert and candies. It was overall an enjoyable day.