18 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012

It's difficult not to get a tad excited for an event that is so majorly focused on gowns and jewels. The Golden Globes 2012, have once again been thrilling for fashion lovers alike.

I found myself refreshing pages online for recently viewed celebs on the red carpet.

Once again, there were great triumphs & tragedies. But in keeping with my years positive resolutions, I have decided to show some of my favourite looks.

Amber Riley from Glee looked stunning in her strapless gown. No doubt it would be difficult amongst Hollywood's slim celebs but she is really holding her own & looks amazing.

Doesn't get much better than Ronney Mara in Nina Ricci, I am such a fan of what Peter Copping is doing there. This is just another of his amazing designs.And credit to Mara who wears in so stylishly, it's not easy to pull off something with a tulle-d bottom & bandage strapping. Its the simple hair & barely their makeup..amazing!

Gorgeous in The Descendants & stunning on the red carpet. What a gorgeous young girl & a beautifully sparkling gown. Love!

Never really a Swinton fan. Androgonistic looks aren't my thing. But I love the colour on her, the jacket with the billowy skirt is a great look, not too masculine & not too girly.

Emma Stone is one of my favourites. I'm always interested to see what she is doning. And this time, she hasnt disappointed me either. I love the strong colour, the dark eyes.

Evan Rachel Wood's dress has really had some mixed reviews. I loved it. I found it so whimsical and almost reminiscent of Marion Cotillard in Gaultier, Oscars 2008.

Natalie's dress is all about the colour, which is just beautiful on her. Also very Grace Kelly, you can't go wrong with that can you?

Last and most definitely not least. Zooey Deschanel! I have left my best dressed until last. Its with her cute little retro style that makes seeing her in a custom Prada that gives it that extra wow factor. I love that ow-so-now neckline, the beautiful beading and simple silk skirt. The hair and makeup is simple but flawlessly done & allows the dress to take a little more centre stage. This makes me excited to see what she will wear next time...also did you see her cute nails? It's a little bit of Zooey's quirkiness shining through..check it out on Instagram!    

Waiting for the Oscars..


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