30 September 2010

Decorative Blooms..

Another homeware crush at first sight.

I had one of these just last week when I saw a Moroccan style Jonathan Adler rug.

Today's episode was almost as fanatic.

It's just so difficult for me to think logically right now with the all these inspiring decorative thoughts I keep having-- due of the fact that my fiance & I will have a new apartment to decorate in a mere few months.

Nevertheless, today's effervescent moment was when I saw these Artecnica light fittings.

They are just so whimsical & beautifully delicate! ...its unquestionable that a woman will smile at the sight of some pretty blooms....& to potentially have this hanging over your dining table is a magical thought.

Artecnica also make these gorgeous pop up greeting cards in the most lovely colour combinations..

And it's here where the crazy jewellery lady in me is exposed. How divine are these little charms. They come in packs of 3's with different little combinations of butterflies & blossoms, little bunnies & chestnuts.

Artecnica can I get one of everything?

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