08 September 2010


It's really difficult not to be drawn to pretty pastels...soft pinks, mellow yellows, lovely lilacs, eggshell blues, minty greens & soft caramels. From flouncy gowns to soft centred macarons the site of a pastel tone makes me weak.

Although I know too well, I always go through this, I have an obsession with all things black, then all purple, or fire engine red. But now that winter is almost ready to fade into a memory I am completely ready to purchase anything pastel...it's Spring afterall! Maybe I'll pull out a dove coloured cardigan and a pair of peachy flats or maybe carry a pink leather motorcycle bag...I'm also so desperately tempted to paint all walls a pretty eggshell blue trimmed with creme skirting boards... AND I just can't seem to buy enough jewellery pieces encrusted with jewelled roses or daisy chained necklaces...flowers flowers flowers...I want to fill a vase in everyroom...I sound like the pollen in the air may be making me crazy?!?

But really-the glow of the sun, the flowers in bloom...it can't possibly not make you smile...it's a girly girls wonderland...

Don't all these lovely images make you love that it's just turned into Spring?


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