29 September 2010


To say last nights finale episode of Australia's Next Top Model was a disaster would be an understatement...they announced the incorrect winner & then had to re-announce it. So, poor Kelsey made her thank you speech etc etc & then the lovely host Sarah Murdoch had to apologise & pronounce Amanda as the seasons winner & top model. Live TV...it's seriously destructive!

Nevertheless, Harper's Bazaar Australia was to have the winner gracing their front page-but have just now release a statement that due to popular demand they would like both finalists on their pages. So half will go to print with Amanda & the other half Kelsey...Quite a debate in the making!

I can't deny it I was a Kelsey supporter she is simply gorgeous. But, Amanda is the final winner & she deserves her glory. Unfortunately her win is being totally eclipsed by the disaster last night & I think publishing 2 covers will just highlight it even further. Would love to hear your thoughts ...


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