17 September 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

Well the 2nd most wonderful time of the year... so no it's not Christmas (that would be the 3rd most..) & it's not THE 1st most wonderful time of the year=Paris Fashion Week but like I said the 2nd most...(drum roll please ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ....NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!
So, I have looked at a few too many of the shows...some which I loved & others I loathed..some included divine Grecian drapery, heavenly beaded and floor sweeping, others microscopically short... there have been prints after prints, tulle & silk, very tailored & structured pieces juxtaposed by free flowing garments....over all a really wonderful mix.
I could fill my blog with hundreds of posts of this and that but decided to pick out a VERY few (had I had the $$$) that I would gladly purchase & wear on any given day.
I can't say that these choices are avante garde at all, but I simply really loved them...they were the ones that grabbed me as soon as they loaded on my screen...
Jenny Packman never disappoints- you can always expect something whimsical, pretty & feminine, beaded and flowy. I love the ever present rosy tint in her shows....& as posted the other week SPRING =PRETTY PASTELS♥ I really am in the mood for pretty spring tones.
The gemini in me also makes me sway opposingly to harder colours, lots of structure and tailoring and therefore the likes of Victoria Beckham's show. Who would have thought a Spice Girl could come so far?...Girl Power to her ;)
I fear my life saying this but I've never really liked Marc Jacobs. I don't know why to be exact he has done good for Louis Vuitton (well this show in particular) & he's creations under he's own label are innovative enough but over all he has never really struck a cord for me. Nevertheless, he's 70's inspired show was worth looking at. Is it the fact he does a throw back to YSL? Maybe so, Yves was a god. It may even be that the show reminded me of something Sonia Rykiel would do...I really love her. Whatever the case I didn't mind it & did actually love the purple silk jumpsuit below...heavenly colour.
Enjoy the shows...have a look at them on FASHIONOLOGIE they have done a great job documenting them all!


That one moment when my heart stopped beating...my chosen dress of the week.
Heartbreakingly beautiful.

images: fashionologie.com

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