30 September 2010

Decorative Blooms..

Another homeware crush at first sight.

I had one of these just last week when I saw a Moroccan style Jonathan Adler rug.

Today's episode was almost as fanatic.

It's just so difficult for me to think logically right now with the all these inspiring decorative thoughts I keep having-- due of the fact that my fiance & I will have a new apartment to decorate in a mere few months.

Nevertheless, today's effervescent moment was when I saw these Artecnica light fittings.

They are just so whimsical & beautifully delicate! ...its unquestionable that a woman will smile at the sight of some pretty blooms....& to potentially have this hanging over your dining table is a magical thought.

Artecnica also make these gorgeous pop up greeting cards in the most lovely colour combinations..

And it's here where the crazy jewellery lady in me is exposed. How divine are these little charms. They come in packs of 3's with different little combinations of butterflies & blossoms, little bunnies & chestnuts.

Artecnica can I get one of everything?

29 September 2010


To say last nights finale episode of Australia's Next Top Model was a disaster would be an understatement...they announced the incorrect winner & then had to re-announce it. So, poor Kelsey made her thank you speech etc etc & then the lovely host Sarah Murdoch had to apologise & pronounce Amanda as the seasons winner & top model. Live TV...it's seriously destructive!

Nevertheless, Harper's Bazaar Australia was to have the winner gracing their front page-but have just now release a statement that due to popular demand they would like both finalists on their pages. So half will go to print with Amanda & the other half Kelsey...Quite a debate in the making!

I can't deny it I was a Kelsey supporter she is simply gorgeous. But, Amanda is the final winner & she deserves her glory. Unfortunately her win is being totally eclipsed by the disaster last night & I think publishing 2 covers will just highlight it even further. Would love to hear your thoughts ...


Street Style Blogging LOVE

These are such lovely photos. Taken from Citizen Couture my new found love as of yesterday.

Street style blogs always take my heart, whether the subjects are the well known fashion elite like Carine Roitfeld or just simply a girl walking to work.

In my opinion, it's hard to beat fashion inspiration like this rather than a magazine editorial or the likes. OK, so all the women photographed below are really beautiful but still it's not a runway or a magazine shoot. (Even if the women are running to a fashion show or walking to work to their job at a fashion magazine) Nevertheless, there is something that makes the ultra fashionable a little more attainable when shown like this. Enjoy...

NB: I'm pretty new to this blogging biz & I am aware that the photographs take up too much room width wise but I don't know how to fix this other than making them 'large' instead of 'X large' but I don't want to and I don't really care how they look because you need to see them big don't you think?


28 September 2010

Torre Eiffel...♥

I only discovered Citizen Couture today!...Therefore, what a happy happy day it is...

As you would know I am a huge fan of The Sartorialist's & of Garance Dore's so to find someone that comes close to rivalling them is quite the feat.

I would usually post a zillion glorious photographs from CC (which I'm sure to do in the following days) BUT it's Tuesday!! & just wonderfully, CC had a lovely pic of the Torre Eiffel



27 September 2010

'The Sun is Shining The Weather is Sweet'...♪♫♪

The sun is finally smiling down on Sydney & Spring is in everyones step! So when I glanced at Scott Schuman's Jil Sander photos I got extra excited.

The thought of banishing my cream coat & charcoal trousers for fuschia lips & tangerine totes makes Summer more of a reality than a mere memory! Hallelujah!

I fell deeply inlove with this dress.

What an gorgeous colour....although I am secretly pining for every single one of these pieces ALL the colours are right up my alley...

It's got a little pinch of mermaid but this almost instantly reminded me of Picasso's harlequin paintings...we've seen so many frills & folds but this is done in such a different way...& I love the simple tee on the torso..& again that stunning mango colour!

For me, it's mostly about the colour of these too I ♥ navy & that candy pink is to die for...there's not much to look at in terms of design-obviously- but it's billowing nature, look of the fabric & the colours chosen make it Summery perfection.



23 September 2010

You know you love me...

Do I need to justify my love for Gossip Girl? The clothes, the ridiculous but addictive story lines...did I mention the clothes?

Season 4 starts in Paris...what a heavenly combination...I'm a little slow on the uptake & have only recently had a marathon weekend watching Season 3 episode after episode...quite exhausting really! So now, because Australian TV is always so lagging, I am going to pour myself a hot cup of coffee & some macarons, lap top proped on my knees & start Season 4. ♥

Meanwhile look at Serena's stunning blush ensemble & Blair's divine fruity dress, I seriously just her!!

I once thought I was a 'Carrie'...but SATC is so last season...

I'm definitely a 'Blair'...


22 September 2010

4 more days...

Like Garance, I hope to be taking numerous photos with my new camera...if I get it....in 4 mere days...


A mug full of heaven...

So just the other night I had a brain wave about an email I received with a fabulous recipe for making chocolate cake in a mug. It was a pretty old email, I had never tried it, but if you google it, it's been talked about time after time again. Now I know why, it is so EASY & DELICIOUS!

It was a late night treat for my sister and I so I had to scavenge through the kitchen to try & find some ingredients.

I did quite well --except for the fact that I had NO MILK!...How is it possible to not have milk...it's more than just a staple --it's MILK!!! Nevertheless, I found some light thickened cream & thought I would improvise. It panned out pretty well. There are quite a few variations on the idea here & here.  Below is the one I variably stuck to....


4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.

Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.

Add the chocolate chips and mix again.

Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high).

The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!

Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate or just dig in!

IMAGE: http://almostbourdain.blogspot.com/

21 September 2010

エッフェル塔 (Efferu-tō)

Let's be a little cultured a learn how to say Eiffel Tower in Japanese.

Efferu-tō....a different language everyweek ...it could actually catch on...

This image could almost be a little Japanese...the bare trees remind me of cherry blossoms...god I adore cherry blossoms they are just so delicate & frilly and pink. So girly. Ow dear what distractions.

ANYWAY! Happy Tuesday!...arent you glad Monday's over? ...I am.
...OK so just as I was about to publish this post I decided to google Eiffel Tower + Pink & came across a few beautiful images. ...& yes ONE WITH CHERRY BLOSSOMS! ...So obviously, I couldn't resist ... two more...xxx


17 September 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

Well the 2nd most wonderful time of the year... so no it's not Christmas (that would be the 3rd most..) & it's not THE 1st most wonderful time of the year=Paris Fashion Week but like I said the 2nd most...(drum roll please ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ....NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!
So, I have looked at a few too many of the shows...some which I loved & others I loathed..some included divine Grecian drapery, heavenly beaded and floor sweeping, others microscopically short... there have been prints after prints, tulle & silk, very tailored & structured pieces juxtaposed by free flowing garments....over all a really wonderful mix.
I could fill my blog with hundreds of posts of this and that but decided to pick out a VERY few (had I had the $$$) that I would gladly purchase & wear on any given day.
I can't say that these choices are avante garde at all, but I simply really loved them...they were the ones that grabbed me as soon as they loaded on my screen...
Jenny Packman never disappoints- you can always expect something whimsical, pretty & feminine, beaded and flowy. I love the ever present rosy tint in her shows....& as posted the other week SPRING =PRETTY PASTELS♥ I really am in the mood for pretty spring tones.
The gemini in me also makes me sway opposingly to harder colours, lots of structure and tailoring and therefore the likes of Victoria Beckham's show. Who would have thought a Spice Girl could come so far?...Girl Power to her ;)
I fear my life saying this but I've never really liked Marc Jacobs. I don't know why to be exact he has done good for Louis Vuitton (well this show in particular) & he's creations under he's own label are innovative enough but over all he has never really struck a cord for me. Nevertheless, he's 70's inspired show was worth looking at. Is it the fact he does a throw back to YSL? Maybe so, Yves was a god. It may even be that the show reminded me of something Sonia Rykiel would do...I really love her. Whatever the case I didn't mind it & did actually love the purple silk jumpsuit below...heavenly colour.
Enjoy the shows...have a look at them on FASHIONOLOGIE they have done a great job documenting them all!


That one moment when my heart stopped beating...my chosen dress of the week.
Heartbreakingly beautiful.

images: fashionologie.com

15 September 2010


I have wanted a Canon EOS for what feels like an eternity.

Well practically since their release...the only change of opinion I have had has been on the model...

I craved the 1000d then the 450d...and now it's all about the 550d...even though what I would really LOOVEEE would be the 5d Mark II..but that is simply unrealistic...& it has already taken me an eternity to finally decide I will save up for it...so the time has come...

Luckily my lovely parents fly out for Hong Kong tomorrow evening..they will depart with only one request on my behalf...please take my hard earned cash & purchase me an EOS...I dont want clothes or shoes, nor handbags or jewellery, not a mobile or other new electronic devices...just a mere EOS...

There is but a catch...actually 2....I have only budgeted a certain amount so what if I am short too much? Hong Kong is known to be the King Kong of Well Priced Electronics so they really should deliver!

Otherwise that really would be a little tragic as I'd have to resort to buying it here for a few hundreds of $$$ more! Anyway...the 2nd catch is if all is well & they do purchase the above mentioned item then I will have to wait for it...9 days...again...almost an eternity...but I'm sure I'll survive the excitement.

So my fingers from now on will be crossed & my new mantra will state 'Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i with Twin IS Lens Kit'...'Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i with Twin IS Lens Kit'....

My fiance threatened (my choice of words) to use it so he can take photos on our honeymoon too... I responded by asking him whether I touch his Playstation3...He understands now.

IMAGES: Googleimages.

08 September 2010


It's really difficult not to be drawn to pretty pastels...soft pinks, mellow yellows, lovely lilacs, eggshell blues, minty greens & soft caramels. From flouncy gowns to soft centred macarons the site of a pastel tone makes me weak.

Although I know too well, I always go through this, I have an obsession with all things black, then all purple, or fire engine red. But now that winter is almost ready to fade into a memory I am completely ready to purchase anything pastel...it's Spring afterall! Maybe I'll pull out a dove coloured cardigan and a pair of peachy flats or maybe carry a pink leather motorcycle bag...I'm also so desperately tempted to paint all walls a pretty eggshell blue trimmed with creme skirting boards... AND I just can't seem to buy enough jewellery pieces encrusted with jewelled roses or daisy chained necklaces...flowers flowers flowers...I want to fill a vase in everyroom...I sound like the pollen in the air may be making me crazy?!?

But really-the glow of the sun, the flowers in bloom...it can't possibly not make you smile...it's a girly girls wonderland...

Don't all these lovely images make you love that it's just turned into Spring?


07 September 2010